Month: July 2019

  • MongoDB Leak Exposed Millions of Medical Insurance Records

    Millions of records containing personal information and medical insurance data were exposed by a database belonging to insurance marketing website Source: MongoDB Leak Exposed Millions of Medical Insurance Records

  • TrickBot: New Injects, New Host

    What’s in the Name: Call it IcedID or TrickBot? Tell that to a security researcher (Arsh Arora in this case) and watch them RANT (Gar-note: today’s blog post is a guest blog from malware analyst, Arsh Arora…) Today’s post starts with an interesting link from Dawid Golak’s Medium post: “IcedID aka# Bokbot Analysis with Ghidra”…

  • Slurp – Amazon AWS S3 Bucket Enumerator

    Slurp is a blackbox/whitebox S3 bucket enumerator written in Go that can use a permutations list to scan from an external perspective or an AWS API to scan internally. There are two modes that this tool operates at; blackbox and whitebox mode. Source: Slurp – Amazon AWS S3 Bucket Enumerator