Are SSL implementation Problems Policy Problems?

Another interesting article from ThreatPost, which highlights a problem faced by many of us. TLS/SSL implementation is something which often taken for granted. It is one of the most misunderstood aspects of security. Like firewalls, those who don’t fully understand security perceive SSL and Firewalls as magic pills, which will solve all the security problems. Of course there is no magic pill.

Looking at this article it is clear the see that developers and implementors seem to think that simply turning on SSL will equal security. However weak implementations of SSL can mean that attackers may be able to manipulate SSL handshakes to force the use of weak cipher suites.

There are many mechanisms to combat this:

1) Education -> Project implementors, network professionals and developers need to be shown how to use SSL appropriately.

2) Governance -> Updating project implementation policies to include governance that assures the implementation of SSL comply with predefined standards and guidelines.

3) Testing -> Include compliance testing as part of QA processes, which verify that SSL implementations are strong and comply with the prescribed governance.

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