NSA Hacked? Cyber Super-Weapons for sale?


A group of hackers, using the moniker “The Shadow Brokers”, claim to have done the unthinkable – hacked the NSA. To backup this claim they are auctioning off their spoils of cyber-war – The NSA’s prize arsenal of cyber-super-weapons – for a cool $1m in bitcoin.

The group have posted their manifesto up on pastebin, github and tumblr. It is interesting that the group refer to their victim as “The Equation Group”, which is the well known codename for the government agency.

The interesting element to this is that cryptome.org posted a collection of NSA malware scripts. It’s unclear at this time whether these are connected, but the cryptome source appears to be Wikileaks. Looking at the contents of each leak, the names of the malware seem to link up, although the cryptome leak is less substantial.


For more details:


Daily Dot








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