Hacker Interviews – The AnonRising IRC collective

Hacker Interviews – The AnonRising IRC collective


Today I’ll present you AnonRising IRC, a very active collective of hacktivist that participated in the major hacking campaigns.

AnonRising IRC

Enjoy the interview

You and your AnonRising IRC team are talented hackers that have already participated in several hacking campaigns, could you tell me more about you?

We have participated in many operations list is below including a little bit about each op. OpISIS – The role we played in this was to stem them

  • OpISIS – The role we played in this was to stem them the flow of recruitment sites being set up by isis members to gain support around the world. We did this via DDoS over long periods of time so they were paying for a site that could not be reached.
  • OpWhales, OpKillingBay-EU, OpSeaWorld – For this op we provide network support via creating media and assisting in any way we can help as our planet’s sea life deserves saving.
  • Anonymous OpKillingBay Announcement 2016
  • OpAnonHQ – This operation was setup via AnonRising Squad members @freesecpower @N3mesiss @RisingSquad_ @AnonRisingSec. The aim of this operation was to make people aware of the amount of money AnonHQ.com are making from the “None Profit” collective Anonymous links to some of our media below.
  • OpAnonHQ Awareness video for NewBloods
  • OpNoDapl – As a network AnonRising we provided media mirrors and IRC support for this operation and shared awareness via other social media platforms.
  • OpNoDapl Anonymous Message To Obama

Could you tell me which his your technical background and when you started hacking?

With us providing the AnonRising IRC network there are many users with varied skills thus allowing us to be diverse in the way we gather and exploit our targets. Anonymous has always been about the unity we are not all hackers and coders some are here to assist in language translation, Linux Os support, video editing more listed below.

SQLI, XXS, DDOS, XST, Python, C++, C, Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, FLASH. As for when we started I would rather answer for the network and say that some of us have been around for a very long time. Others are here that are just learning but we feel it is important to share skills and knowledge both within and outside of the IRC network.

Which are your motivations?

Our greatest challenge at the moment is more an awareness operation in regards to AnonHQ and the profit they are making from the none profit collective some details are below and a video.

AnonHQ is a business not Anonymous:

Traffic & Earnings (Estimated)

  • Purchase/Sale Value: $452,520 USD
  • Daily Revenue: $1,240 USD
  • Monthly Revenue: $37,734 USD
  • Yearly Revenue: $452,510 USD
  • Daily Unique Visitors: 261,001
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 7,944,048
  • Yearly Unique Visitors: 95,265,365

What was your greatest hacking challenge? Which was your latest hack? Can you describe me it?

Our latest attack via RisingSquad Team was on anonboards.com who also sell and profit from the name Anonymous. Again our goal here is to stem the cash flow to theses fake sites profiting from people who have been drawn in by their deceit to be the Anonymous headquarters and true voice of the collective. This is an ongoing operation. (We have no leaders & We do what we do for the people to get their voices heard. Most of us have daily jobs and families just like everyone else and do this for no financial gain.)

What are the 4 tools that cannot be missed in the hacker’s arsenal and why?

Must have tools ZenMap,SqlMap,Metasploit,Hydra Many more but as you asked for 4.

Which are the most interesting hacking communities on the web today, why?

As for communities we run a network called AnonRising so most of our time is spent here and social media platforms like twitter recommended people to follow would be. @YourAnonGlobal @YourAnonNews @h0t_p0ppy @AnonIntelGroup @AnonymousCenter @4n0nc47

We run a network called AnonRising – ( ) so most of our time is spent here.

Did you participate in hacking attacks against the IS propaganda online? When? How? Where do you find IS people to hack? How do you choose your targets?

Targets are brought up and discussed via groups we do not actively look for targets they normally present them selves via the news and world current affairs. As most no Anonymous support the people and try to make them aware of things most media miss represent or cover up just like the Anonymous collective are miss represented at times by the press.

We often hear about cyber weapons and cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. Do you believe it is real the risk of a major and lethal cyber attack against a critical infrastructure? Thanks a lot again, send me a picture to use as your avatar.

In this current world of technology running most critical infrastructure, I am afraid yes this is a reality and could be done unless people start paying attention to network security.

Theses answers are from the twitter accounts below @AnonRisingSec @AnonRisingIRC @freesecpower @BitsOfSkin

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Hacker, AnonRising IRC)

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