Betting High, Winning Big on Threat Intelligence at Black Hat 2016

For some, winning in Las Vegas is a longshot. But as the sun sets on Black Hat 2016, Recorded Future is counting our chips after a very successful week. At the Recorded Future booth, we had many insightful conversations with attendees and completed too-many-to-count demos of our threat intelligence solution.

Since Black Hat is known as the place to roll out new products and features, we didn’t waste any time showing guests how we’ve amped up metrics on the customer panel, permitting threat analysts to demonstrate — in real time and to all business units — the state of their organization’s threat program.

We also announced general availability of our OMNI Intelligence Partner Integrations program. The OMNI program is the most comprehensive threat intelligence offering available to security analysts; it enables a breakthrough in all-source analysis, allowing analysts to more quickly, easily, and in a single resource, find hidden connections on new and emerging threats.

This program is like no other in the industry, and many booth visitors declared an intent to go all in as soon as they return to the office. After one demo, an analyst exclaimed, “This will change my life!” He recognized that working with Recorded Future is winning the security jackpot!

Threat intelligence is serious business, but because Vegas is party central, we had to have some fun, too. We shared the results of our recent research, listing some of the most dangerous and prevalent vulnerabilities exploited by Russian hacker groups.

We also ran out of the ever-popular Marty the Martian T-shirts by the end of the first day. Fortunately we had our new Recorded Future Marty figurines on hand to amuse and entertain booth visitors.

Black Hat 2016 Recap

For most, a quick demo was exciting enough; it’s hard to beat uncovering a pesky and pernicious IOC (indicator of compromise) in the nick of time.

If you missed out, though, and you need a personalized demo for your team or a Marty T-shirt to add to your stack of classic Black Hat wear: Don’t fear! Recorded Future went big and then went home … to conduct more research, develop more great features for our clients, and get ready to present additional demos to threat analysts far and wide.

If you want to receive a big threat intel payout, contact us for a live online demo today and double down on your threat intelligence program.

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